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Another blog about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (AL, Powershell, Azure DevOps etc.)

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If you are doing Dynamics 365 Business Central development on your local (not Azure) containers, may be you want to have access to them from outside your local network without using VPN. And not only to BC Web Client, but even to API/OData and development endpoint. And of course you want to have them published with some trusted certificate to be able to use all the functionality like Business Central application, connection from Power BI connectors etc. It is handy when you are working with…

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If you are working with OnPrem customers having Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have already noticed the new license file format .bclicense. It was created by Microsoft to have modern way how to pass the licensing info without limits of the old .flf format (limited max size etc.). It had some side-effect (bugs) on beginning but I hope that they are solved (never tested yet). But today I am not writing about this file format because Customers, but because it could be handy for…

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Since we started to use VSCode for AL development, I hear discussions that writing UI texts like ToolTips etc. should be done by someone else than developer. And I must agree. We - developers - are lazy kind and writing text is not our popular game. We are able to write some generic text, mostly automagically generated by different tools we are using to write code, but such a text is mostly equal to 0 Shannons (no, I am not talking about @Shannon Mullins). But how to solve this?

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